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[23/02/12 9:29pm]
so sometimes i care a whole lot about weird things. right now, that is travel tea mugs.

a few weeks ago, i broke my last travel mug and let's just say i've been having some serious first world problems as i have no idea where to put my hands because i have no tea. anyway, since this is something i use on an hourly basis, it was pretty clear that this was going to be something i would have to replace. then i had some more first world problems, because i had really not liked a lot of things about the mugs i previously owned. so these are my thought on the different types of tea mugs available.

stainless steel:
notes specific to the mug i owned: the one i had was one of my school's ones, but it was pretty standard. also the top on it was atrociously leaky, i actually didn't break this one, it just leaks so much that it is not really portable
pros: keeps tea hot forever, seriously hours; easy to clean; sterilizable
cons: makes tea taste tinny (less so with black teas or teas i drank with milk, as opposed to herbal teas); i hit my teeth on the steel all the time and that shit hurts (i lack any and all coordination); tends to be more expensive, for whatever reason

notes specific to the one i owned: the one that i had of this was one of the starbucks ones with the twist open tops, they say these tops are spill proof, and they are - but only when you tip the mug directly upside down, it leaks like a beast on it's side; i also has several cheap ones from walmart that were totally leak proof
pros: doesn't scratch; is super light; easy to clean; ranges from like $5 upward, so not terribly expensive
cons: tended to absorb the taste of teas (this is fine if you are more of a one tea flavor person, but i am not); not really sterilizable, temperature sensitive (this is how i broke the starbucks one, it cracked inside because i often used it for water too)

so i just bought this. it's thermos style so the leaky tops are no longer an issue. glass also holds the heat much better than plastic. (since i am really bad for walking away from tea, this is something i look for) the plastic ones i had were also double walled, but they had waxy paper between them to make it prettier but this means once it cracks, it's done.

i knew i wasn't really stoked with any of the things that i had tried, but i knew i wanted specific things (namely: leak free top, made of something that would be totally cleanable ie non-porous, and heat keeping), i also really, really wanted a tea mug with the infuser in it, which was one of the reasons i turned to david's tea.

yes, i really did just write a really long blog about tea mugs. i am a nerd.
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[27/11/11 2:04am]
this is fucking awesome omg
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[28/12/10 2:43pm]
so i just read this batch of bullshit. this is the band's promo and that is the 16/17 year old girl they told she had to lose ten pounds. the way they treated jerry really bothers me, too, but i'm back-burnering that due to my rage about the body image thing.

jesus. at that age, honestly, any kind of weight loss is really a, difficult and b, probably not the safest since the body is not finished growing. (not that her actual weight matters even remotely, i would say the same thing regardless of her actual size) how fucking dare you tell a girl who is an average size for her age that she needs to lose weight?
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when you see this, post a poem [21/09/10 6:01pm]
You Fit Into Me

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye

Margaret Atwood
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